Affordable. Green. Sustainable.

First Filipino commercial space venture

As citizens of a developing country that is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, we recognize the need for a sustainable space access.

Sustain the earth. Access space.

We are developing Haribon SLS to be powered by biofuels derived from wastes like LDPE and HDPE plastics. We call this bad boy renewable rocket fuel, “OrbitX RP-2” from the RP-1 fuel.


Become the world’s greenest, most affordable and most sustainable commercial spaceflight provider. (Why not? Waste is a problem and space is also a problem.)

We are Filipinos!

We are a diverse team composed of former startup founders, licensed engineers and researchers, a former product designer, a cybersecurity expert and a lawyer. We formed to provide an affordable, greenest and most sustainable space launch system in the world!


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